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New Album : Yasss, I’m Cumming! – Now Available


New Album from I’Wante –

Yasss, I’m Cumming!

Available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, google play, and more major music outlet stores.

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Yass, I’m Cumming, One man show – (3/12)



Yass, I’m Cumming (3/12)
Yass, I’m Cumming is a one man show, written and performed by I’Wante, that asks, what does it mean to be different?

Darkly funny, often heartbreaking, and always honest, the story follows the personal awakening of a Gay African American male, who when caught at the center a love triangle, must choose between the security of a Corporate Job or risking it all on a chance to pursue his true calling.

I’Wante – the stage name of Steven L. Coard – is a rising star in the worlds of theater, comedy and music. His previous one-man shows have sold out in off-Broadway theaters and as well as in venues nationwide, and he is the winner of Best Comedy Music Video at the 2013 RightOUT TV video Awards The genesis of the controversial Yass, I’m Cumming – which will be receiving its New Jersey premier at Merseles – was his need to find an outlet “to say all of the things that I can’t say during polite conversations,” said I’Wante. “ I love to take the audiences on an emotional journey painting pictures through song my with specific situations and vivid memories”.

New Music Video – GHETTO by I’Wante

Hello Friends,

I am so pleased to announce the release of my new music video called “GHETTO.”

This is a very special song to me. I wanted to pay homage to my humble beginnings, living in the projects.I hope you enjoy this video as much as I had fun making it. Lastly, this music video is my first ever edited music project too!

Be well friends!


New Music Video from I’Wante – Sex with the Ex

Hello Friends,

I am please to announce the release of my new music video:

Sex with the Ex:

Vocals: I’Wante
Written By: Steven L. Coard
Color of Love Production, LLC
Mixed By: Allen (A-Tek)Parker
Recorded at : The Parker Studios
Produced By: centricbeats.com

In creativity!


Fake Bitch – I’Wante – Live Performance Video

Hello Friends,

I really hate fake people.

Here is my message to all of the fake people in the world
Click below for video:

Have a great day!


New Audio – Inner Queen by I’Wante

Hello Friends,

Tonight, I am so excited to  release of my new song ” Inner Queen”. This song is very special to me because it is the first song that I am releasing in over a year. I had to take some time away from recording. What a difference one year can make? During that time I’ve struggled, I’ve  love, and I’ve found my inner self! Laughter helped to save my life! I’ve missed entertaining people, and I promise to do more and more of it in the future.

Inner Queen: