New Audio – Inner Queen by I’Wante


Hello Friends,

Tonight, I am so excited to  release of my new song ” Inner Queen”. This song is very special to me because it is the first song that I am releasing in over a year. I had to take some time away from recording. What a difference one year can make? During that time I’ve struggled, I’ve  love, and I’ve found my inner self! Laughter helped to save my life! I’ve missed entertaining people, and I promise to do more and more of it in the future.

Inner Queen:




New Album : Yasss, I’m Cumming! – Now Available



New Album from I’Wante –

Yasss, I’m Cumming!

Available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, google play, and more major music outlet stores.

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Link to purchase your copy below  —>!/id906259601

Fake Bitch – I’Wante – Live Performance Video

Hello Friends,

I really hate fake people.

Here is my message to all of the fake people in the world
Click below for video:

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Sex with the Ex – Official Music Video

Hello Friends,

I am so excited to release my new music video for my song “Sex with the Ex!”

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SEX with the EX

Vocals: I’Wante
Written By: Steven L. Coard
Color of Love Production, LLC
Mixed By: Allen (A-Tek)Parker
Recorded at : The Parker Studios
Produced By:


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I’wante – Yasss, I’m cumming – Live Performance Video

Hello Friends,

Please be sure to check out my live performance video to my song “Yasss, I’m Cumming!” from my latest E.P.

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